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With his last release "Dynamism" in 2009, Equitant has proven once again how to re-design and significantly
alter his musical approach. The concept for “Dynamism” is an ever-changing activity or process. Various theories
or philosophical systems that explain the universe in terms of force or energy. A process or mechanism responsible
for the development or motion of a system. Continuous change, activity, or progress; vigor. Equitant's "Dynamism"
unites a cold mix of electronic body music and darkened techno. “Dynamism” is more or less where his 2008 EP
“Mekanik” left off. Just as heavy and just as aggressive. 2008 saw a revivification of Equitant's style and sound,
with the "Mekanik" EP release on Black Montanas & Black Leather Records. This EP brought forth a new chapter in
the sound structure and design of the music. The music took on a distinct and aggressive techno-EBM sound...like
switching on a kind of techno-EBM engine.

Equitant’s antecedent sound started out as an ambient synthesizer project in 1993, then evolved to a cold mechanical
direction of electronic music with traces of techno-electro elements in 1999. From 1993-2003 Equitant released a vast
collection of demos issued on his label Black Montanas, including his first full length album "Zurich" in 2002. With the
release of the "Kompressor" EP in 2003, Equitant's techniques delved deeper into a state of electro and retro sound-
scapes, heavily influenced by past and present German electro, and almost any underground electronic music of the
1980's. In 2005 Equitant signed with the Dallas Texas based "Tarot Productions" label. The result was the simultaneous
full length releases of "Zeit" (recorded in 2002) and "Konstruckteur" (recorded in 2004). Both albums fused a cold
delivery of electro, and abstract techno, unveiling a futuristic simulation for all the masses. The follow-up to "Konstruckteur"
was the long awaited "Hauptstadt" EP released in 2007 on Black Montanas. These three tracks of raw analog and ambient
electro have become a favorite among Equitant fans worldwide. After a much-needed break musically, Equitant released
the experimental "Technik" full length album on Black Montanas in early 2008. A release strictly influenced by the infamous
"Detroit Electro" sound.

From 2003 to the present Equitant has constructed countless remixes for many renowned artists in the electro/techno/EBM
scene. Remix releases with worldwide underground electronic labels like: Space Factory, Black Montanas, Black Leather
Records, M-tronic, Punch Records, Alfa Matrix and Advanced Synergy. Artist remixes include Jonathann Cast, Miss Duckin',
Millimetric, Yasmin Gate & People Theatre, Adriano Canzian, Mt. Sims, Electroflex, Fake Fur, Starchaser Network, The Dealers,
Giving For The Call, Maxx Klaxon, Lethargy, Stamba, Leggo, Plastic Machine, Nexus 6, TK8, Scorpio, Kitsch, Nadia Sohaei,
Elite!, Other Aspect, Sindrome, Reizstrom, Red Industrie, Kaball, Nad Mika, Struck 9, Ba', Strange Connection, Grandchaos,
The Crime & Daniel Mark, Orline, Xander Harris, Life For Dead, Adán & Ilse and Kontravoid.

In July 2009 Equitant produced a track called "You Know What I Want" for Yasmin Gate's (Ex-Dirty Princess) debut release
on David Carretta's "Space Factory Records", along with other collaborators: DJ Hell, Christian Prommer, Keith Le Rouge,
Pillage, Douglas McCarthy, T.Raumschmiere, Ikki. Equitant also teamed up with Yasmin Gate for a full collaboration as
"Equitant & Yasmin Gate" in 2009, releasing the illustrious "That's All" EP and the "That's All The Remixes" on Black Montanas.

Now, three years after the release of "Dynamism", Equitant has returned in 2012 with his latest release "Body Vehement"
(Black Montanas/Black Leather Records) featuring vocals by: Lea X, Yasmin Gate, Bastian & Illumine Concrete. Equitant's
"Body Vehement" is a cold mix of Techno, Electro, EBM and Disco. Opening yet another new dimension to Equitant's
ever changing sound.

Over the past five years Equitant has been a resident live act at the prominent "Klub Atomix" in San Antonio Texas. As well as
other live performances in Texas, Mexico City and Bogota Colombia. The Italian producer Adriano Canzian has described
Equitant's sound with three simple words, "Powerful, Sexy, Strong…simply amazing”.

Black Montanas |

NOTE: Black Montanas closed it's doors as of January 2013. All past titles are still available via Junodownload, Amazon mp3,
Djdownload, Rhapsody, Napster, Emusic, Itunes, Spotify + other fine digital download sites (worldwide). Thank you for your
support! We go down as one of the first "all digital" electronic music labels in the world.

EK Product |

As of April 2013 Equitant has signed with the Italian label EKP.


If you’re someone who’s looking for a new soundtrack to play master and servant with, look no further than Equitant’s Body Vehement.

- ReGen Magazine

There is no weak track for me but for the highlight I choose the opening track "Body Vehement (Original Mix)" because
as I said it is an emotional, intense and impassioned EBM track. I hear so many things in this album from Giorgio Moroder
to DAF and Front 242 and recommend it thoroughly.

- Brutal Resonance (Danya Malashenkov)

Every time this artist surprises me with his fresh and minimal EBM vibes. "Body Vehement" is a new exploration of the
body-tech fields and a new union with guest singers. Equitant strikes back stronger than before!

- Sideline Magazine (Stephane Froidcoeur)

Equitant's Body Vehement shows off his expertise: taking electronic music to it's raw basics, adding a personal touch of hard
beats and bass, creating unique melodies and synth tracks with a strong punch, and then either letting them stay monotonic
and hard, or adding a layer of atmosphere that not only makes you want to stomp around and dance, but also may let you
dream away. This is what Equitant does best and what makes him stand out in industrial/techno/EBM/Oldschool-EBM scene.

- Eine Tasse Jager (Ramunas K Fishermang)

Body Vehement would best be described as existing in the space between heavy synthesizer based ’80s EBM like early
Frontline Assembly (think bass and synth on Corrosion era FLA) meets Terence Fixmer or David Carretta’s banging dark techno
that sounds equally at home on a white smoke machined EBM night as it would in a intense techno set.

- Mishka Bloglin (Mike Textbeak)

The Mcd "Mekanik" released in 2008 was already a terrific piece of techno-body stuff, but the newest "Dynamism"
is simply a must have! I got the impression when pushing on the play button of my cd-player that I switched on a kind of
techno-EBM engine.

- Sideline Magazine (Stephane Froidcoeur)

While a typical electronic pop record may try to reach out to you through expressive vocals, melancholic melody, or energizing
rhythms, delivering the artist's sometimes dark, yet perfectly human emotions. Equitant's ZEIT belongs to the human-less
world of electronic impulses, actively trying to distance itself from everything human into a digital compendium of mechanical
rhythms and robotic vocals.

- Allsynthpop Magazine (Mik Seliverstov)

ZEIT starts with a cool cut entitled A WOMAN where old 80's influences like vague Kraftwerk tones emerge to the surface.
The 80's electronics seem to be a very important source of inspiration for Equitant, like a red line running through this CD.

- Sideline Magazine (Stephane Froidcoeur)

ZEIT knows how to make you dance without need of a dancefloor.

- Versacrum Magazine

A few tracks, like "Illusion," incorporate darker elements, with eerie string patches and muffled voices in the background,
but you can breakdance or do The Robot to nearly every track on this album, from the outrageously upbeat "Voraussehend"
to the comparatively understated "Last Night in My Body."

- Regen Magazine

The original Plastic Machine version of "NY Paris" took us by storm when we heard it. The melodic bass and synth lines,
super sharp drums and atmospheres are not to be missed. Equitant’s remix brings it down hard with a very aggressive
take on the track. This one will have you bangin’ your fist in the air with it’s hard beat and variations on the synth sounds.

- Stir Sound Netlabel (Ian Funk)

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